A rich family heritage awaits you on this Centennial Farm nestled in the rolling hills of northern Missouri.

Matt’s great grandfather chose this picturesque area to settle with his wife and 12 children in 1870 and establish the Reichert family farm, now known as Sycamore Valley Farm. Matt, third from the youngest of 16 children, carries on the farming tradition with his wife, Tina, and their children. Carrying on the rich agricultural tradition of his ancestors raising row crops, running a cow-calf management intensive grazing operation, and gardening keeps this homeschooling family busy. But not too busy to share the beauty and tranquility of farm life with guests. 

Since established in 1994, Sycamore Valley Farm Bed & Breakfast has hosted college students, foreign exchange students, youth groups, families, business travelers, vacationers, international guests, and couples searching for a country bed and breakfast to enjoy a relaxing get-away. 

"Our greatest desire is to offer all our guests gracious country hospitality in the peaceful atmosphere that accompanies farm life, making their stay a memory to treasure. Return to a simpler way of life where things move at a slower pace."

- Matt, Tina, Kaitlynn, and Gabriel

Located in Brunswick, Missouri: Sycamore Valley Farm Bed & Breakfast is your home away from home.

The sweet smell of hay, the steady drone of tractors, the taste of fresh oven-baked bread slathered with sweet butter, and the vastness of the sky on star-studded nights... 

Ah, the country.

"In an age of Blackberrys and iPhones, many Americans yearn to escape from 24/7 connectedness and frenzied multitasking to return to the simple charms of country living"

...opens the article about Sycamore Valley Farm Bed & Breakfast in Missouri Life Magazine.



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25589 Fort Orleans Ave
Brunswick, MO 65236